EN 14604:

EN 14604 is a compulsory standard established in May 2008 for all smoke alarms sold in Europe. It will define minimum requirements that stand-alone smoke alarms must meet.

EN 14604 will be issued  by an independent notified body further various tests on the products.

An EN 14604 smoke alarm must comply, among others, with the following requirements:

  • Response to different types of fires (wood, cotton, flaming plastics and flaming liquids)

  • Emit a minimum sound output of 85dB(A) at 3m

  • Minimum battery life of 1 year

  • Being equipped with a test button to confirm a proper functioning

  • Provide a low battery warning

  • Display various information on the product such as manufacturer name, the reference standard, batch code, manufacturing date, recommended battery type and various instructions to the user.