We are proud to present our new Cavius Wireless alarm family, who have just won a Red Dot Award 2016.

Cavius ApS, created an alarm family out of the ordinary. All alarms work individually. At the same time, the whole family, alarm each other, across features, if a problem occurs.

Cavius invented/designed, the Red Dot awarded, world's smallest heat and smoke detector a couple of years ago. This time we made communicating alarms, individually, the Worlds Smallest of their kind. They are all created within the same design line. And... they are all approved after the highest European norms. You no longer need to have different systems in the same household. Flood alarm in the basement, heat alarm in the kitchen or smoke alarm in the bedroom, all linked to an alarm near you. The interface is easy to understand. A switch in the bottom links the alarms to each other, to a remote controle or/and to an alarm panel. Depending on which panel is connected, they can communicate externally. Eg. an app or emergency line.

The environment is in our mindset during design stages. Small (light freight), Long life (low battery consumption), Packaging sustainability and detection (no chemistry) are among the considerations.