…for 40mm and 65mm alarms!

The Cavius mounting kit contains one base with double sided tape, quick and easy to mount and with extra screw kit. Suitable for smooth and clean surfaces. For ceiling mounting.

Cavius mounting kit is available in 40mm and 65mm.

Cavius mounting kit is a double-coated 3M tape which can be used as an accessory for Cavius 65mm Wireless Alarm Family to be easily stuck to the ceiling. Drilling, mud and dirt holes in the ceiling belong to the past. Thus, the alarm is ideal not only for residential and business premises, but also for leisure vehicles. 

Cavius mounting kit has an excellent long term holding power. Resistant to solvents, temperatures extremes, and U.V. lights make it suitable for many interior applications. 

For maximum strength, the surfaces should be thoroughly cleaned with a 50:50 mixture of isopropyl alcohol and water. Ideal tape application is accomplished when temperature is between 21° and 38°C. Maximum grip is reached after 24h. 

The operation is convenient and easy: 

This set consists of an original Cavius mounting base with adhesive pad and an additional set of screws and dowels. 

1. The base can be used for all 65 mm alarms 
2. Remove protective film from the base 
3. Press the base with inserted smoke alarm for about 10 seconds at a suitable place on the ceiling. 

Suitable for vinyl wallpaper, polystyrene, non-stick and Silicon Coatings.

Download specifications:

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