The World’s smallest smoke alarm!

Cavius is the world’s smallest Photoelectric smoke alarm, with some big features.

The aesthetically pleasing Photoelectric smoke alarm has a 10 year long-life battery, 10 year warranty, a penetrating sound at 85dB(A) at 3 meters, a 10 minute pause option, 30 day low battery warning and uses the unique “smart clip” ceiling mechanism for installation.

The smoke sensor includes a push button switch. This button has the following functions:

• Hush – during an alarm condition this immediately silences the alarm when pressed. When the button is released, the alarm remains silenced for 10 minutes.

• Test – when not in alarm the sounder can be activated to provide a sensor OK test function. While the button is pressed, the audible and visible indicators areacti-vated if the sensor is OK.

This environmentally friendly device is great value for money.

Download specifications:

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