Be careful with cheap alarms from the internet

– you may risk the life of yourself and your family!

CAVIUS recommends you to purchase your alarms at retailers where validity of the guarantee and certifications must be according to the law in Europe.

Look for the correct markings – smoke alarms must be CE marked and have a 4-digit approval number issued by a notified body (accredited testing institute).

The CAVIUS alarms are designed with a software compensation build in, so the smoke sensitivity will remain over the years. This will ensure the correct function when needed – cheaper alarms often decrease sensitive over the years due to drifting of the sensitivity. This is often caused by dust in the smoke chamber.

You will very seldom experience false alarms by CAVIUS alarms: The sensitive area of the printed circuit board is sealed so humidity will not trigger the alarm and scare your family. This is also why the CAVIUS alarms are tested and approved for leisure vehicle (camping) standard.

This means, you may install the alarms in your camping car, but also be more safe for false alarms in your house, even when the A/C switch on and off.

Based on bad experience on battery performance, years ago we decided only to use Duracell and Panasonic batteries – other brands may be cheaper, but they will also be more instable.

The plastic material used have added UV additive so the colour will not become yellow after being installed a few months – seems like a small thing, but cosmetically it is important

ALL Cavius alarms is calibrated during production. This means every single unit are tested in a controlled environment. This is why Cavius has the best durability rates on the market

Certification and inspection:
CAVIUS alarms are tested and certified by one of the toughest testing institute in Europe. They will not cut any corners or accept any flaws.

The certification institute will send auditor to the factory and audit all documentation and processes every year.

Every single production batch is not only inspected by our own inspectors during manufacturing, but we also have one of the international testing institutes to perform 3rdparty inspection of each batch sent out of the factory.

Environmental and worker safety:
All our alarms are tested according to the European law on RoHS (heavy metals) and REACH (chemical content).

  • We will audit and approve our suppliers and sub-suppliers of critical components and ensure that worker safety, wastewater treatment etc live up to the legal demands.

  • We will design our products for a long life to have the least possible impact on the environment as well.

  • We will never compromise on environment or your safety – neither should you!