Being a Danish company, Cavius recognizes the duty of minimizing the environmental foot print as much as possible and supply our customers with safe and long lasting products.

It is our environmental policy to take a measure of concrete steps to reduce implications as much as possible.
Our staff will follow our goals during development and on the manufacturing sites, and are responsible for the implementation of the company environmental policy in details at the suppliers.

Our specific steps:

  • Sourcing of material and manufacturing is carried out in accordance with the European regulations and directives and our company policy and procedures.
  • We are doing yearly environmental tests (RoHS, REACH etc.) on the full range of products. Tests are performed with well known international institutions.
  • By only developing high quality products with focus on long service life and low power consumption and thereby long battery life.
  • Material wastage is minimized and recycling options implemented where possible.
  • We seek to conserve the use of energy, water, and paper at our factories and offices.
  • All staff have a responsibility to ensure that our company policy is implemented at their workplace, to monitor their own areas of control and take immediate action where faults are found.
  • Our company performs auditing and our staff will be responsible for bringing to the notice of management if any deficiency observed, and for providing guidance, information and training.
  • Packaging material for our products are using recycled papers, and plastics are using the environmental friendly material such as PE and PET instead of PVC.
  • Smoke alarms are typically made with two different types of sensors: photoelectric and ionization. We have as a company decided not to manufacture ionized alarms due to the environmental foot print during the manufacturing of the ionized material and the disposal of the same.
  • When it comes to disposal of used alarms, we strongly recommend to dispose the alarms as electronic waste or return through the WEE arrangement in Europe.